This blog is gone

Hello! I’m not “carahopsthepond.”

The original carahopsthepond made an honest mistake and was corrected, and that should have been it. End of transaction. She said something that was, admittedly, incorrect. She was told that it was incorrect and why it was incorrect. 

Except that clearly wasn’t the end of transaction, because soon enough, her blog led to a “not found” screen. As far as I can tell, the way tumblr tends to do, she made a mistake and they just kept pestering and harassing until she had enough and either deleted her blog or changed the URL so nobody could find her and bother her anymore. 

Now, I don’t know “carahopsthepond.” We’ve had one interaction, and it’s probably the thing that led you to this page: The one where I made a post about Africa and she reblogged with a confused comment and then I commented back with an explanation.

I’m not here to make the claim that she was right or that I was wrong. Only that I’m kind of sick of seeing any and every URL of a person who’s made a mistake on a popular post lead to a “not found” page because tumblr took it upon themselves to harass them off the internet. This is like every popular post, you guys. 

Carahopsthepond, I’m sorry for the way people treated you because of our brief conversation. If you’d like this URL back, please get in contact with me with some evidence that you’re really you and you can have it, although I imagine you probably don’t because people are still reblogging the post. Either way, I hope you do get in contact with me, because I’d like to apologize directly if possible. Not for my reblog comments, but for the nonsense that came after. 

Peace, everyone!